Even though we knew the PS4 was being announced last night it still felt like a surprise. Last night felt special. Twitter was stolen from Justin Bieber fans and was taken over by gamers and journalists, with everyone talking about the Sony conference. We saw footage of breathtaking new games such as Killzone: Shadowfall and WatchDogs and gained new knowledge of Sony’s next console (without actually seeing it). There is no doubt that Sony delivered last night with regards to the PS4, but what about the PS Vita?

It was revealed that Remote Play will enable PS4 games to be playable on PS Vita. They showed new PS4 title ‘Knack’ being streamed to a PS Vita and it looked great. While we were hoping for new Vita titles (Metal Gear Rising on the Vita would have set me screaming like a teenager at a One Direction concert), the news we did get actually open’s up huge possibilities. It means Killzone: Shadowfall on the Vita, It means new inFamous title Second Son on the handheld. The possibilities are endless and it makes having a PS Vita more essential than ever. Sony stated last night that it is there aim to have every PS4 game playable on PS Vita and if it’s something that can be pulled off we are in for some very exciting times ahead. Below is a list of games that were announced or previewed last night. I’m off to dream about the idea of Watchdogs on the Vita…

Knack (Japan Studio)
Killzone: Shadowfall (Guerilla Games)
Driveclub (Evolution Studios)
InFamous Second Son (Sucker Punch Productions)
Deep Down (Capcom) *working title
Destiny (Activision/Bungie)
Diablo 3 (Blizzard Entertainment)
The Witness (Jonathan Blow)
Watchdogs (Ubisoft)