Get excited Vita Island inhabitants – Coming exclusively to PlayStation Vita, Sir Eatsalot is a 2D adventure platformer with a strong focus on level exploration, and it chomps its way to your hands on April 3rd.

You are the corpulent and righteous knight Sir Eatsalot. Traverse through various unique and colorful levels to put a stop to the evil witch Hysterica, who has poisoned the Gluttington Kingdom with sour lemonade!

Throughout your journey, you will meet numerous quirky characters and help those suffering under the oppression of Hysterica’s minions. Puzzles are tied to the PS Vita’s unique hardware features, like the touchscreen or gyro sensor, and will keep you on your toes. However, every hero needs a snack now and then, so don’t forget to interact with your surroundings and eat a donut or two on your way!

Key Features

*Varied gameplay through diverse interactions with the PlayStation Vita’s hardware features.
*Comical voyage through a cartoonish world with funky characters.
*Immerse yourself in beautifully hand-drawn graphics and intricately detailed level design.
*Platinum Trophy
*Fully localized in English, German, Japanese, traditional Chinese, and Korean.

The game also has a delicious physical version for order, which looks stunning. Be quick though: Sir Eatsalot

Whether physical or digital, this looks like a hell of a meal. See you next week!