Prison Architect is on its way to PS4 this Spring thanks to those awesome folks at Introversion Software and Double Eleven. Construct and govern your own prison and play through a campaign of building and management stories. We at Punk and Lizard are out of our minds with excitement. Many of us grew up with sim games, starting out with the likes of Skool Daze on the C64 and moving onto the wonders of the original Sim City and into the delights of Theme Park, Theme Hospital and the Holy Grail that is The Sims. Simulation games swallow hundreds of hours of our lives and we’re 100% happy with that. But as console owners, we’re aware that PC gamers get most of the sim loving. That’s why Introversion Software and Double Eleven are our favourite people right now. We’ve been very lucky to get a few simulation games in the last couple of years, but the release of Prison Architect feels like the Herald of a true sim revolution on consoles.

In Prison Architect you are both builder and governor. Construct a prison that is every offenders dream or plunge them into a brutal nightmare. The choice is completely yours and you will be rewarded with a handsome trophy list including a Platinum.

Cross your fingers we get early release for good behaviour!

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S J Hollis

S J Hollis has been a keen gamer since the Atari 2600. She freely admits she thought E.T. was a good game but would like to stress her tastes have since dramatically improved. She is also an author, a morning person and thinks Elf ears are sexy. Follow her on twitter @SJHollis_