Our overall verdict "bronze"


A Roaring Good Time

After its North America release last month, Primal Carnage: Extinction now sharpens its talons, spreads those vast wings and comes rampaging onto European soil. Primal Carnage brings in prehistoric dinosaurs by the park-load to this first/third-person class-based shooter. If you’ve ever wanted to play as one of the largest land carnivores to ever roam the planet, this is the game for you. Want to be a Tyrannosaurus Rex complete with silly small arms and an overbite the size of a bin lorry? Here you go. Rather play a game of Scrabble? Bite me. Primal Carnage: Extinction allows you to play as your favourite dinosaur or mercenary. Clever stuff. Austin-based independent studio Panic Button bring Circle 5 Studio’s dino-fest to PS4 for some multiplayer mayhem.


Action is centred around a derelict island in the middle of somewhere. There’s not much explanation as to why, where or how; just note there are huge numbers of angry, hungry, rampant dinosaurs that have claimed possession of the land. Stomping through dense forests, slipping through gaps in fenced-off areas and trampling over safe hideouts, they are on the loose and heading your way. There are different locations each with lush, vibrant environments to hunt in and all looking mighty nice on screen.

The game plays out as a multiplayer with up to sixteen players in player-hosted online and offline modes. You can choose from a host of five different human characters, each with different abilities and an arsenal of weaponry and gadgets to help your fight. Each hunter also has a less effective secondary weapon to toggle between. Those bloodthirsty beasts require taming fast and need to be made extinct for the second time around. This is made harder than a Pachycephalosaurus’ skull as it’s a constant onslaught of trouble being unleashed. During the fight your kills are rewarded and money is earned. Here you can buy more ammo, upgrade with grenades and pay for gates to open giving more access to different areas of play.


Controlling each human is slick and easy, but the different array of dino fodder don’t fall easily and it requires a good few hits to bring down prey. The larger towering beasts fall a lot quicker if your team mates are reading the same memo as you and circle each dinosaur. Their different fire power coupled with yours is the best way to rinse through each level. If you do trip up and get devoured by a large mouth you’ll automatically re-spawn once the next wave starts. If you’ve hit over level 20 and die at the start of the level you could be waiting a good minute to get back into the action. You’ll have to sit back and watch hoping they make it through until your fresh face appears.

Things get even more interesting once you opt to become the hunter. Here you can play as the Pteranodon, a six metre long flying reptile, or a cunning and vicious Novaraptor. Unfortunately controlling these aren’t as easy and comfortable to control as the humans. Playing as a Dilophosaurus, Carnotaurus or the rest of the man-eating beasts is played out in third person view unlike the first person view for the human hunters.


Obviously the first place to start is the T-Rex, and what a wise choice. It doesn’t take long to master his moves. Trampling over ant-like opponents and devouring your online opposition is where the fun is at. You’ll also have to be careful where you end up as certain locations give your hunters the upper hand as elevated areas give ample advantage points for them to release their high calibre weapons and bring you crashing down. The main defence mechanism you’ll find playing as the dinosaur is stomping and chewing, and both give a good jolt of satisfaction to perform.


You can host a game by setting up a server, searching for other servers, or just finding a particular game based on type. Game types include Team Deathmatch which is a traditional dino-versus-human team-based multiplayer; Survival, where you can play solo or co-op through wave after wave of dinos; or Free Roam and Get To The Chopper (both self-explanatory) modes. You can host a game or join a match once you’ve selected which game type you want to play. Playing online I encountered zero disconnection issues or lag, you’ll be glad to hear.


Primal Carnage: Extinction is a no frills, fast moving blast of a multiplayer game. With the added option of being both a tooled-up-to-the-teeth human hunter or a T- Rex with one hell of a Jurassic bark, Primal Carnage brings the PS4 some much needed prehistoric action. Dinolicious!

Lizard rating 7.5/10










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