Velocibox at first glance may seem like a simple enough game to pick up and play, but once your hands take hold of the controller, prepare to die….a lot. Challenge yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally, as you navigate your way through a continuous obstacle course at furious speeds. Players must negotiate a series of increasingly devious puzzle levels until they unlock the uber-hardcore difficulty level, Super Velocibox.

Features Include
•More than 18 Levels of Tough-as-Nails Gameplay: Make your way at breakneck speeds through dozens of progressively tougher obstacle courses with 70 unique patterns

•Flip, Roll, Dodge and Survive: Learn new maneuvers with each level to bypass even more diabolical puzzles while taking advantage of wide-angle field of view and fisheye camera angles to survey the action

•Get Abstract: Enjoy an clean, minimalistic visual style that makes Velocibox a work of lightning-fast abstract art

•Super Velocibox Mode: For serious players only: This insanely tough mode will put even the fastest reflexes to the test with brutally hard, enhanced levels

Check out the trailer below.

The Velocibox bundle (PS4 and PS Vita Cross-buy and PS4 Dynamic theme) is $12.49 ($9.99 for PlayStation Plus members.) The dynamic theme is also sold separately for $2.99 ($2.39 for PlayStation Plus members).