Our first look at Ride 2, Moto Racer 4 and WRC 6 

It’s been a busy year for UK Publishers PQube, and things show no signs of letting up, which is good news for all gamers. Racing fans especially are in for a treat as PQube will be bringing both WRC 6 and Ride2 to PlayStation 4 on October 7th. Also the hotly anticipated release of Moto Racer 4 takes to the tracks soon. We were lucky enough to be invited by PQube to join them, grab some photos and get a hands-on experience with these soon to be released racers.

Moto Racer 4 – If you’re after an instant fix of arcade racing action then look no further than Moto Racer 4. Imagine Road Rash on steroids (minus the weapons) it’s a fast, relentless blur of action. Hurtling down highways at break neck speed while weaving through oncoming traffic and dodging huge juggernauts makes for some hairy play. We had a blast with this one, and we’re told it will be priced at around the £30 mark. We definitely welcome this arcade-style motorbike racing series to PlayStation 4.

WRC 6 – WRC returns with a new split screen addition and belts out a fast and slick rally experience. We even got to play on the new Rally China as well as sample WRC 6’s narrower tracks. Bigben and Kylotonn are once again at the helm of this dirtflinger, and they have listened to feedback which has helped them to deliver an even more realistic experience.

Check out our gameplay footage we took while getting to grips with this animal.

Ride 2 – Apart from looking gorgeous it has really upped the anti. It’s billed as the ultimate motorcycle lifestyle simulation game and the amount of bikes and customisation is pretty staggering and well worthy of that title. If you liked Ride then we can confirm that Ride 2 takes it to the next level. It comes with a whole new look and feels more exciting and eye catching.

Check out these photos we took while playing. We think you’ll agree Ride 2 is looking rather special!




WRC 6 and Ride 2 both hit PlayStation 4 on October 7th.

A special thanks goes out to PQube for their hospitality.