Henchmen Interactive Inc announces the release of it’s first title, Pop Bugs Zap.

Pop Bugs Zap is an original, puzzle adventure and is free to play and is now available on PlayStation Mobile platform for PS Vita. Create runaway chains by popping bugs that shoot stingers, explode in fireballs, pack a mighty punch, and much more. Discover new bugs with unique abilities as you pop your way through diverse worlds. Upgrade bugs to boost their powers and improve your scores with more massive combos. When you’re ready, buzz over to Swarm mode and build your own bug team that totally pops.


The games features include:

100 puzzle levels

– 15+ unique bugs

– 4 awesome worlds

– Tons of upgrades!

PSM-only features:

The praying mantis!

– Swamp World

– Special coin/star pack

Henchmen Interactive is currently in development of several original IPs, and is poised to launch another title. More news as we get it.