Here is a list of some of the older PS Vita games that we think you should definitely check out. Forget the reviews you may have read on the net, we’ve played, Platinumed and pondered. Here we go…

Urban Trial Freestyle

Tate Multimedia’s Urban Trial Freestyle is a fine stunt racer, offering depth and a real rewarding challenge. Stunning visuals, precise bike handling and community leaderboards make this dangerous trials racer a must. Clear that memory card, Urban Trial Freestyle has arrived. 8/10. Check out Blondlizard’s review here


NFS Most Wanted

Made by Criterion, the same developer responsible for the console version. Drive your Lamborghini Gallardo through speed cameras, break through billboards, and evade the cops. The best driving action to be found on the Vita, full stop. 9/10. Check out blondlizard’s review here

Mortal Kombat

Presented in more gory detail than ever before. Mortal Kombat introduces a number of game-play features including tag team and the deepest story mode of any fighting game I’ve seen. Choose from an extensive line up of the game’s iconic warriors and challenge away. Developed by NetherRealm Studios, formerly known as Midway Studios, it has blood, guts and glory. Love it…FIGHT! 9/10

Strangers’ Wrath HD

A solid action game that switches between first and third person views, platforming, puzzle and shooting with good old fashion humour. Real fun and stunning looking, perfect on the Vita. 9/10. Check out Blondlizard’s review here

Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken

Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken – now that’s a game with a name. I’ve never played the original PC or PS3 game and I can’t remember playing as a fully armed chicken that looks like a miniature Hulk Hogan. It’s interesting times ahead. 7.5/10 Check out the Lizard’s review here


Blondlizard gets filthy with MUD. MUD is the official FIM Motocross World Championship title on the PS Vita and a direct port of the PS3 game with only a few changes; these being less riders to battle against and less detail as its bigger PS3 brother, but we don’t care. 7.5/10 Check out blondlizard’s review here

WipEout 2048

Anti-gravity racing as good as its PS3 old brother. The finest futuristic racer I’ve played. Released in 2012 as a launch title. It is the last of the Wipeout series to be developed by SCE Studio Liverpool prior to its closure. Super fast, super slick and stunning. 9/10

Uncharted: Golden Abyss

Stunning, rich storyline, highly-detailed environments, and special effects that truly capture the look and feel of the Uncharted universe. The game was developed by SCEA’s Bend Studio and overseen by Naughty Dog. Pack your sandwiches, it’s gonna be a long day. 9/10

Ridge Racer

Forget reading the reviews of this game. I have played the entire RR instalment and this game is no different. It delivers in every way, crazy insane power slides, pumping sound tracks with firework lit skies, it’s all there. Ok the content is skimpy and I can understand why the reviewers got their hatchets out. But now RR is even cheaper and comes with the whole DLC content, it’s a definite worthy buy. The slow grind to the Platinum can be painful racing against yourself though, I’ve warned you! 7/10

Tales From Space : Mutant Blobs Attack

An excellent physics based platforming game where you slide around your blob type monster that eats everything. Real fun and real addictive. Great fun! 7/10

Sound Shapes

Lose your hair, friends and life over this amazing but so frustrating game. Listening to the beats will definitely help you progress into the Platinum. 8/10


The Vita’s first rally experience and what a cracker it is. Fast paced, full throttle racing with a gorgeous look. New DLC also available now which makes the game a rally hit. 8/10. Check out the Lizard’s review here

Superstar Dust Delta

Released with the Vita at launch this beautiful space blaster is a classic. Stunning lighting and a real challenge, you can’t go wrong. 8/10

Sine Mora

Another absolute beautiful shoot’ em up, only down side which may halt you playing is the difficulty of this game…ouch!  7/10 Check out Blondlizard’s review here

Spy Hunter

Forget the reviews, this game rocks. Simple, fun and cool. Game play, graphics and storyline do not exactly push the Vita in anyway shape or form, perhaps that’s why I like it. Back to the good old days of simple gaming. Grab yourself an easy Platinum as well. 7/10

Everybody’s golf

Big, colourful and bright. Dig deep and you can master complex swings or simply just whack away. Lots of play options, unlockables and online challenges. The best golfing game out. 8/10

MotorStorm RC

An extremely beautiful addictive racing game from Evolution Studios. Very impressive. A gem of an arcade racer. Looks and plays a lot like the classic Micro Machines but is a million times better. You won’t find a better deal anywhere on the PlayStation Store. 9/10

Resistance Burning Skies

This was the Vita’s premiere first person shooter, never really pushes the boat out but is still a great experience to play. An easy but enjoyable Platinum too. FPS experience on the move, with twin-stick control. 7/10

Gravity Rush

Comic type gaming that’s a visual feast. Gravity shifting makes this a unique experience on the Vita. Spin between rooftops and freeze yourself in mid-air. A really enjoyable journey that makes no real sense but definitely a game to own.  8/10

Jetpack Joyride

It’s free, fast and fun and has trophies…why not? 7/10