Nosebleed Interactive, an independent game developer based in Newcastle (UK) bring  The Hungry Horde to PS Vita.

PlayStation Blog: The core premise is that you play as your very own horde of zombies fighting for survival (a sort of reverse survival horror, I suppose). Humans you “recruit” join your ever increasing horde in a constant race against the clock to escape the area before the military nuke you.

And on the subject of “lots to do”, another thing we haven’t spoken about yet is Trophies. We LOVE trophies! It took a bit of persuasion but after seeing the Trophies we had planned our producer at XDEV said “Yes, I’ll make sure you guys can have Platinum Trophy support.” If that’s not enough for you though, we also have 150 in-game objectives to complete, you know, just because they’re fun!

Check out the trailer:

The Hungry Horde comes to PS Vita this week!