Our overall verdict "gold"

Planet of the Apes: The Last Frontier is a narrative, decision based game. Over the course of 4 hours you will make tough decisions to determine how the story ends. Who will live? Who will die? Who will be still be standing by the time you hit the credits? It’s in your hands…

The apes are happy keeping themselves to themselves. The problem is they are hungry, and desperately need some food for their tribe. So here lies the first big dilemma. You either steal from the humans (but risk antagonising them), or you die from hunger. What would you do? Now switch to the humans side. Jess has been thrust into a position of making decisions for the people in town. It’s a job she didn’t ask for. Most people are with her, but throw in some blood thirsty ape hunters and Jess’ worries become not just about apes, but also her backyard.

As I mentioned earlier, The Last Frontier is only around 4 hours, a Prologue and 5 chapters. But it’s what it squeezes in to those hours that is impressive. For one, the game looks stunning. Like Uncharted 4 good. The visuals however are not only matched, but perhaps surpassed by the emotional punch the story packs. Like the films, morally you are constantly torn. You may perhaps relate to the humans more because you are one, but you can’t help but agree with the Apes perspective throughout. Most apes and humans want peace, but certain individuals on both sides seem determined to start a war. Everything is constantly in the balance. Peace is possible, but it relies on you to make the right decisions at the right time.

Game play is incredibly simple. The vast majority of your involvement is simply choosing dialogue. The only diversion from this are Action Choices. These are where you have a limited amount of time to make a quick fire decision, such as fire a weapon or throw a rock. For those wanting more involvement, don’t worry. You are involved believe me. Developers Imaginarium have previously stated they wanted this to be more like a film experience, where you control how it plays out. It was the right decision, as your involvement is being emotionally invested in the story. And invested you will be. This is the best emotionally driven decision based game since the 1st season of The Walking Dead. Honestly, I was blown away. So much so that Planet of the Apes: The Last Frontier is sitting right near the top of my Games of The Year list, and I don’t say that lightly. It’s that good. And ironically, the easiest decision you’ll face is whether you should buy the game. It feels like games like this are what your PS4 was made for. And whether you are Team Apes or Team Humans, by the time the credits roll, you’ll feel like you’ve won either way.

Planet Of The Apes: The Last Frontier talks the talk and walks the walk. Throw in the fact that it’s only £15.99, has a very doable Platinum and is also one of the first PS4 games to incorporate Playlink and you have an absolute must buy on your hands.

Punk rating: 9/10


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