Pirates: Treasure Hunters, a new MOBA, arrives today on PS4 in Europe as well as in America. And the good thing is we can download this title entirely free without contracting the PlayStation Plus service.

Pirates: Treasure Hunters takes us back to the heyday of pirates, with a style that reinterprets the stories and adventures of galleons, buccaneers, magic and characters with their own unique background. Players can choose from a broad range of Hunters, each one equipped with unique weapons and abilities, and take them into battle in exciting online matches up to 12 players (6 vs 6). They will have at their disposal incredible cooperative vehicles in order to defeat their rivals and claim victory.

By downloading the game, gamers that have PlayStation Plus will obtain a Gift Pack, with no extra cost, that includes: a new Hunter (Captain Harsh), an outfit (Captain Harsh Vest), six spells, a XP boost for seven days, an exclusive emblem and 2,000 silver coins. You’ll just need 3GB of download space, Pirates: Treasure Hunters also comes with 14 Trophies too.