Our overall verdict "bronze"

Paranautical Activity is kind of like stepping into the darkest, dingiest nightclub where your shoes stick to the floor and everyone looks at you weird. You kind of want to leave, put your feet up and have a cup of tea, but your friends have dragged you along and before you know it, you’re actually having a pretty good time. It’s a first person shooter, that presents you with series of enemies in randomly generated rooms (or floors) with a soundtrack that makes The Prodigy sound like Robson and Jerome. Visually think Minecraft (on drugs) and gameplay wise think old school Doom (on drugs). So yeah, Paranautical Activity is mental, basically.


It’s also very, very difficult. If you die, you have to restart with a new playthrough. Obviously you pick up weapons and upgrades throughout the game but you don’t get to hang on to any of them if you die. Which is incredibly easy to do (dying, I mean). The enemies are bloody mean to be honest, and don’t get me started on the bosses. It’s all very intense, chaotic and clearly aimed at FPS experts. For someone like me who isn’t an FPS expert though, Paranautical Activity is a frustrating experience. But I feel like it’s supposed to be. It’s not supposed to be easy, you’re supposed to be constantly on the brink of dying, using that constant nervous energy to fuel each playthrough.


Paranautical Activity may be an acquired taste for some with it’s extremely intense, erratic gameplay, but for others it will be an addictive whirlwind that can’t be put down. It all depends on whether you are someone who likes dark, dingy nightclubs, or staying at home and having a cup of tea.

Punk rating: 7/10