Paddle Vs. Paddle is a physics couch multiplayer from Endice Software, an Indie-game studio located in Brisbane, Australia. Here’s what to expect.

It’s a frantic physics action game, that brings back an old school arcade feel, with modern physics simulation and a touch of sports. A game of reflexes, skills, and a bit of strategy. The game features 1P, 2P and 4P arenas with bonus/penalties affecting the players, the physics and the arena.

The game emphasizes player reflex and skills, using no latency or easing on the inputs or animations, with a direct relation between the paddle movement and the controller thumbsticks; similar to how the very first analog controls were used.

Think PONG with physics (NVIDIA PhysX), many modifiers and up to 4 players.

 1, 2, 4 Local Players
Action, Sports, Arcade
Fully Analog Controls
No Input Easing
720p, 1080p HD Video Output
Disk usage approx 140MB
Required save space 200MB

We’ll bring you more news as we get it. We do know the game comes with 4 trophies!? Paddle Vs. Paddle releases on May 30 (USA) and May 31 (EU).