After a whopping 10 years of development, Owlboy is finally launching 13th February, 2018 on PS4!

D-Pad Studio said: “Owlboy was created with the previous generation of consoles in mind, and once the PS4 was announced, we had to make sure that the game still looked brilliant. About half-way through development we decided to up the resolution of the game, so it will still look great in full HD and even 4K.

One thing that has stuck with us is the great feedback we’ve gotten while on our travels. You can look at the old footage of Owlboy and easily spot the changes it’s been going through over the years. Each time we visit a new convention or an expo, we return home with a scrapbook full of useful feedback. This is exactly what we hope to gain more of when we launch our game to console for the first time ever.

We’re looking forward to playing this gorgeous looking platforming adventure. Roll on Feb 18th!