Omen of Sorrow is a four-button fighting game inspired by classical horror, fantasy and iconic myths and legends. Players will find themselves battling in various dangerous and gloomy places, such as a raging forest fire or a sinister castle. Omen of Sorrow features many legendary characters, such as the Dr. Frankenstein’s monster, Adam; the cursed werewolf Caleb, as well as the fearsome and mad Dr. Hyde All characters are connected by an intricate storyline full of internal struggles, spite and malice.

•Battle with many iconic characters and strategize with character specific special moves and abilities
•Flirt with danger in dismal stages, inspired by age-old European legends
•Take part in a gripping tale of darkness and despair in an exclusive Story Mode
•Endure grueling battles in Arcade and Survival Modes, or beat up friends in local Versus
•Experience a complete Online Mode, featuring Ranked and Casual matches, and create lobbies for custom rule matches
•Unlock more than 200 in-game rewards by conquering all of the different gameplay modes!
•Master your fighting skills in a fully featured Training Room.

Omen of Sorrow is out today on PS4.