Our overall verdict "silver"

Being a Dad myself, I often feel like I could do with 8 arms just to get through the day. You think it would be more help. However, one playthrough of Octodad and you will learn that it only hinders you. You see in Octodad, you’re an Octopus, and a Dad. Except no one knows you’re an Octopus (your family aren’t the most observant bunch) so you have to play it cool.


The whole premise of Octodad is that you simply have to perform every day tasks – mow the lawn, make the coffee etc. Sounds simple enough. The problem is because of the body you’re in, these tasks become insanely hard. And that’s essentially what Octodad is. That’s literally all there is to it. That’s why it comes as such a surprise that it is bloody brilliant. Octodad is a game of such charm and wonder that it truly brightens your day and is genuinely deserving of the term ‘unique’. Not to mention it’s absolutely hilarious. The humour is absolutely ridiculous (in the best way) and you won’t know whether to laugh or cry at how insanely hard it is to simply walk down a hallway. The absurdity of no one realising you’re an Octopus despite how blatantly obvious it is shouldn’t be as funny as it is, but it just is. It’s hysterical. And anyone who claims the controls are too hard in Octodad are completely missing the point – it’s supposed to be hard, you’re a f*&+ing Octopus!!


Octodad is a game that truly has its heart in the right place and you’d be lucky to have it in your PS4 library. Endearing, peculiar and genuinely funny. Octodad is rad.

Punk rating: 8/10