Our overall verdict "silver"

Holy Moly, it’s the new release from Frima Studios – it can only mean Nun Attack has come to the PS Vita. But is Nun Attack our saviour or is it Nuns on the Run?

Lipstick pouting, machine gun touting ladies in black are hell bent on saving rogue nun runaway Mortanna who has turned to the dark side. This girl gone bad with nasty habits has unleashed hell, summoned demons and released the undead upon her once trusted girlfriends. Religion is out of the window, your only way forward is blasting the heathen enemies to pieces. Using your finger slides your selected nun waltzing across the screen WWE Fandango style and into battle and if you’re close enough, open fire automatically.


The game shows off bright sharp colourful comic book art style and with a sound track straight out of Starsky and Hutch the game really comes to life. A clever contrast from the in game music also makes Nun Attack a very fun little number right from the start. Your four nuns all have different strengths and weaknesses…and habits. Sexy, pouting mini skirt wearing Rosy (complete with Cindy Crawford pimple) looks like she stepped right out of Vogue. Olga spits, looks like a bloke and has a constant wedgy throughout as opposed to little sweet Mandy, who could be Ronnie Corbett’s wife. Eve is our cool little mover and John Wayne style gun handler but remember, she’s a nun – stay clear.


The beginning missions start with just 2 nuns given orders to go into battle. Later in the mayhem your merry armed femme fatale gang grows, making things a lot easier.
The action is pretty frantic at times – that swiping finger is going to be busy. Each dead skeleton drops golden coins which need to be picked up quickly before they disappear. The pistol shooting skeletons are quick and easier to fall than the chainsaw wielding dead so there’s many mad dashing moments picking these coins up. Coins can be spent on better weapons and purchasing miracles. Now even more quick action is required. Tapping the holy book and swiping the holy cross over your nun gives her renewed life. When there is a break in the action, glowing exploding skulls rain down from the heavens. It’s all pretty full on here and not your typical uneventful Sunday mass day.


A lack of saves means replaying early levels, so your swear box might be fuller than expected. However, once you’re past the first boss, Nun Attack shall not bring too much more blasphemy to the table.

Six silver and nine bronze trophies are on offer too. Frima have brought a simple stylish budget download game to the Vita alter. Cheaper than a bag of Haribo, Nun Attack is a biblical blast. Go Buy!

Lizard rating – 8/10

Genre: Action

Publisher: Frima Studios

Developer: Frima Studios

Release Date: March 19th 2013