Verocious told us about Ninja Pizza Girl back in August, today PlayStation Blog release the news that the game is now coming to PS4. Read our post below from a few months ago:

First published August 9th:

There’s a big chance you get to deliver pizza’s in Mirror’s Edge style and get laughed at in Ninja Pizza Girl!

Ninja Pizza Girl is currently on Kickstarter to raise funds to finish game properly and game developer Disparity said they are currently talking with Sony about a PlayStation release.

Ninja Pizza Girl is a fast-paced platform game about speed and flow, about big  jumps and giant drops and yelling out “Woohoo!” It’s a game of freedom and fun for speed
runners and platformer newcomers alike. It’s also a game about Gemma, a sixteen-year-old girl trying to keep her dreams alive in face of the most merciless enemies known to any teenage girl – other teenagers.

ninga pizza

Ninja Pizza Girl is a level-based platform game that draws inspiration from “Mirror’s Edge” and the Sega 16-bit classic “Sonic the Hedgehog”. Its deeply-woven story explores bullying, emotional resilience and the importance of boundaries – themes of real relevance that are mostly ignored by the videogames industry. But most of all, Ninja Pizza Girl is a game that’s welcoming. We want people who have never tried a platform video game before, maybe never tried any sort of video game before to be able to play it and have fun. This is a game of joy and exhilaration, not a brutal exercise in masochism. This is a game that’s easy to enjoy but tough to master.

ninga pizza2

New players will find each level offers a forgiving experience of thrilling jumps and exhilarating falls while skilled players can optimise the selection of routes on
offer to chase that perfect run.

This inclusive game style is achieved through multi-layered level design. If you miss a jump or fail a platform section, you’ll fall down onto a path that will be slower and lower-scoring but also easier. This creates an experience that seamlessly adjusts to the player’s skill level while rewarding improvement. In addition, this approach produces deep game levels that are fun to replay and explore.

Here’s the gameplay trailer by 8Bit:

We definitely hope to see the game released on PS4 and PS Vita. For more info about the game check out their Kickstarter campaign or follow Disparity on twitter.


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