Indie developer and publisher Playrise Digital today announced a brand new DLC pack for micro-combat racer, Table Top Racing: World Tour on PS4.

The all-new ‘Tropical Ice Pack’ features two brand new tracks, ‘Life’s A Beach’ set on the golden beaches of Rio and, ‘Yellowsnow Piste’ a luxurious ski resort in heart of the European Alps. This fun-packed DLC features 8 new race routes, new ‘Overtake’ and ‘Checkpoint’ game modes, 3 fully fledged, super-challenging ‘Championships’ and 16 cunning new ‘Special Events’ too. There are 6 new PlayStation trophies too. The ‘Tropical Ice Pack’ launches today at just £3.99 $4.99 and €4.99.

Check out the brand new trailer which shows off the new circuits.