Steel Minions is Sheffield Hallam University’s own commercial game development studio which provides workplace simulation to students on Hallam’s games degrees. Now Steel Minions are taking their careers to the next level after sweeping up at an the Game Republic Student Showcase event, held at Huddersfield University in the UK this week. Two of the games will now be released as commercially-available games through the University’s in-house games studio, Steel Minions.

There first big release shall be Aspect, a collaborative puzzle game for PlayStation, which will be released on the PlayStation Network later this year.
Below we see the team armed with PS Vita and PS4 dev kits.

steel minions pl

Sheffield Hallam students took first place in the Game Technology (Thomas Avison, Matthew Driver, Martyn Mees, Robert Whitley, Edward Willoughby, Anna Mellor-Meecham), Game Design (Jonathan Stewart, Jonathan Saunders, Lisa Tran, Mitchell Mellard, Shane Ecclestone) and Best Team (Scott Simpson, Wesley Arthur, Mark Carrigan, Joe Allen, Luke Hobson, Deirdre McGrath) category. Sheffield Hallam student Josh Pears won third place in the Game Art category, and David Ramsden won third place in Game Technology.

The students from Sheffield Hallam University were the first student studio in the UK to publish a game for Sony’s PlayStation Network when they released BounceBack. The puzzle/platformer was released on  PSP, PSVita and PS3 via the PSN Store.

For more info head to Steel Minons