Ever wanted to play as the bad guy? Indie publisher Digerati is pleased to confirm the news that Nefarious, an anarchic cartoon-style 2D action-platformer, is coming soon to Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One. Nefarious will be available to download from 11/12 September on PS4 (NA/EU respectively), 13 September on Nintendo Switch, and 14 September on Xbox One.

Tired of playing the hero? Nefarious is a 2D action platformer where you get to be the villain! Step into the wily shoes of Crow, an evil genius on an epic quest to steal princesses for his royalty-powered death ray – the world-conquering Doom Howitzer.

Wreak havoc across five different kingdoms! Stomp on heroes in iconic battles recreated with you as the boss! Unleash your inner megalomaniac!

Key features
*You’re the villain! Kidnap princesses! Take over the world!
*Lovingly crafted 2D animation and illustrated backdrops
*Reverse boss battles let you fight against the hero
*Globe hop between five different kingdoms
*Unlock different ammo types for your grenade launcher
*Mix and match customization options for your explosive punches
*Uncover mysteries to unlock a secret ending!
*Story that spoofs the video game trope of princess kidnapping
*Platinum Trophy and 1000G Achievements available respectively for PS4 and Xbox One versions

Looks sweet! You can check out the trailer here.