Our overall verdict "gold"

Now that the dust has settled over Fairhaven, here’s a return look at Criterion’s Most Wanted. Also I’ll give some tips on Needle Point, finding that last security gate and an instant “Pro Mod my car” trick.

Once again you are thrust into the world of illegal street racing, but this time Most Wanted takes the open world structure. Right from the off you can hunt down your favourite licensed car and drive away. There’s no earning dollars for rides in this game, you want a Lamborghini, and it’s yours. Criterion have made this game look gorgeous. If you’ve played the PS3 version of the game, then playing on the Vita’s five inch OLED screen will give you a serious case of déjà vu. It really is that good.  Before Most Wanted the Vita had Asphalt Injection and Ridge Racer, can you believe it.

The game starts with an effortless transit into game play with Muse’s Butterflies and Hurricanes as the sound track. Attempting to shut down the top ten Most Wanted racers is a good place to start and this can be done without too much hassle. Each car comes with a set of racers, win these to unlock mods and then pro mods. To Platinum the game you only need to win one race in each car. Amassing speed points is the way to become a top ten most wanted racer, do this by winning races, evading the cops, drifting, winning challenges, slipstreaming and the list goes on.

Fairhaven City looks stunning. Trying to escape a Police Rhino SUV while tearing down the city streets is real fun and with the added generic police radio chatter blasting over the airwaves, this really adds to the excitement.


If you’re wanting to Platinum Most Wanted then this will help when you’re playing Needle Point – this track is hands down the hardest race in the game. Use this trick to get full Pro Mods in a few seconds. First drive the car you want to max out with Pro Mods and drive this car to the car that is unlocked with all Pro Mods, get in, then hit select. Go to the ‘Recommends’ map layout and find a race that has the car listed (the car you want to Pro Mod). Press X on the car and the race shall start. Now slow the car to a halt and go to customize and you’ll see the car now has full Pro Mods listed in the bottom right hand side on the screen! All settings on the left of the screen will still show locked remember. Needle Point here you come.

Needle Point. I thought I was good at driving games until this track. I lost all my hair getting gold on this. First I’d recommend doing the Pro Mod trick if you don’t have the car already loaded with them. I used the Bugatti Veyron to achieve the gold in Needle Point. The secret is to keep in silver position for much of the race and maintain a high top speed throughout. Using short gears pro helped me. Before the dip down into the runway you need to go through the garage. This gives you a nitrous boost. Also off road pro tyres help on the runway section. Once you come out of the runway you should still be in silver position. Next head onto the other side of the road which is oncoming traffic. This again gives you a nitrous boost. Then change lanes back to the right side. Just before the dip in the road slam your brakes on or you’ll smash into the wall. Even with a good hard brake you are still going to have a good top average speed. Then another nitrous power shot will see you get gold.

I was glad that race was over but then the worst was to come – finding the last security gate. Here is a gate that no race will take you through. I spent hours endlessly driving around trying to find this last gate. First locate the Jack Spot for the Chevrolet Camero ZL1, it’s around the bottom right of the map. Jump to the car and go ahead, turn left then right, that gets you back on the main road. Then finally turn left and the gate is there in the corner. If that’s not your last gate to find then you’ve done really well playing Most Wanted, the rest should be a breeze.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted is slick, stunning and a thrilling white knuckle ride. There is no game that comes close on the Vita. The reason to buy a PS Vita, full stop.


Release Date: October 2, 2012
Genre: Racing
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Criterions Games