If you’ve not checked out the North American PlayStation store in the last few days, then you may be missing out on this little gem. My Name is Mayo was released this week and judging by PSN Profiles, it’s a Trophy Hunters dream. The Platinum can be earnt in under an hour, our NelMaNo bagged all the trophies in 44 minutes, but he says if you select the rewards as you unlock them you can trim that time down to about 30 minutes or so!

My Name is Mayo comes with 51 trophies and has a separate trophy list for both PS4 and PS Vita. You can forget hunting down all those YouTube guides too, all you need to do is tap like a maniac. That’s right, Green Lava Studios latest adventure simulates the real-life tapping of a Mayo Jar. By clicking on the jar 10,000 times unlocks 50 rewards and outfits, from red bikini’s to blonde wigs, by clicking you simply dresses and undresses your jar.

Fancy a new shiny Platinum for $1?