Our overall verdict "bronze"

The beauty of PS3 has always been the amount of racing, power sliding and throttle controlling gems available to thrash on. Even though Next Gen has been here a year now, it’s still refreshing to see more love for this incredible mighty machine.

MX vs. ATV: Supercross is the latets game in the series and gives PlayStation 3 speed freaks a generous helping of fresh dirt and track to sink their tyres into, serving up a bumpy and dusty ride and more chances to jump high and hopefully touch the sky. With the demise of THL, Nordic Games have grasped the gauntlet and delivered a mid-priced release that stands proud. A budget-priced game nowadays does not necessarily mean a cheap experience. Any PlayStation 4 or PS Vita owner will tell you that.


Firstly, the spray-tanned card girl announces to a buzzing stadium that you are about to enter a new world, the world of Supercross. You streak off to tackle the first corner with a pack of biker hounds hustling and bustling ever closer. It makes for an exciting start. The track ahead, detailed and textured, throws dips, jumps and teasing straights at you, and demands a certain amount of respect. The left toggle stick adds fine controlling movement of the bike or quad in mid jump, making two or four-wheeled landings possible. Maintaining a constant speed and correctly landing jumps is the key to staying ahead of this hungry pack.

Each track focuses on high jumps and tight bends, which feature throughout. Learning the layout of each track is not necessary as each track does unfortunately have the familiarly of the last. Setting the lap selector to 5 laps by default is definitely long enough for each race, but luckily different stadiums and track surfaces give enough diversity to grab your attention. Also the standard bone-crunching audio that could wake the dead helps keep your senses alive.

MX vs. ATV: Supercross Career mode comes with five different series and seventeen different Supercross tracks to belt around. Staring in the show are over sixty official riders along with the chance to race against twelve players in the online multiplayer events. Progression is rewarded with upgrades and unlocking extra gear, and this helps to achieve the thirty one trophies on offer. The trophy ‘To the Victor…’ may cause some issues, though, as it’s another of those dreaded ‘online, eleven human opponents needed’ ones. Good luck with that. Tricks and whips can be performed but strangely enough there is no actual tutorial in the game to explain this, so keep the inlay box at hand.


It’s when you mount an ATV, opting for four-wheeled action, that you get your money’s worth. It may look an uncomfortable ride out there but taming this four-wheeled animal is fun. Tearing through rough terrain is no problem as this beast laps up such delights. However, some crazy and off-the-wall AI will keep you on your toes, giving Supercross moments of frustration. Sudden change of leader and watching your opponent sailing off into the sunset and into first place may very well baffle you.


Crammed with authenticity, MX vs. ATV: Supercross is a fine looking game and above all a fun Supercross experience. If you’re a big racing fan, however, this feast of mud and glory may miss the mark and not satisfy. Otherwise, it is muddy fun for newcomers to the series.

Lizard rating 7/10