Red Awakening by Developer Domino Effect Ltd is set to be released on PS4 late 2015. Developer Domino Effect is working on their very first team based objective multiplayer stealth game Red Awakening. The developer plans to release the game on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The game focuses on horror, stealth and subterfuge and wants to get rid of the familiar first person run and gun approach.


A surreal blend of neon drenched, drug induced, satirical storytelling with first-person dynamic stealth, parkour style movement, ultra-violent gameplay, unnerving synth soundtrack, all wrapped in our distinctive cell shaded graphical style. This allows players for the first time to be put at the heart of their own unique slasher movie experience.

The game focuses on horror, stealth and subterfuge, rather than the familiar first-person run-and-gun approach, instead taking influences from the classic Slasher movies of the 1980’s, and game-play inspired by the first person and stealth games of the early 90’s to mid-2000’s.


The Story:

In the aftermath of the Vietnam War, the United States is in turmoil. The youth are out of control, protests turn to riots in the streets with students boycotting schools across the country, fearing a civil war with the youth of America and the ever increasing threat of both domestic and international communism, the powers that be fund a CIA derivative of the MKSEARCH program, Codenamed: “Red Awakening”, a program designed to solve all of America’s problems at once.
Violent young offenders and captured Soviet agents from across the country are sentenced to public executions, and then flown by night to secret facilities across the globe. There, they are conditioned and then placed into teams best representing their country of origin, be that from the East or the West, they’re then taken to a RA test facility, given an objective and set against each other, trained to become the perfect, invisible killers required to strike at the heart of America’s enemies…


By 1987, the Red Awakening program is a huge success in the eyes of the greater good, but behind the scenes the Program is struggling for funds.
But with the rise of VHS, the CIA sees an opportunity to create some extra funds for the program. By setting up a front as a home video distributor HHV (Homicidal Home Video) specializing in soft core porn and horror for the subterranean market, the company simply splices footage from the RA program with a low budget horror or porn movie repackages it, and sell’s it though the black market as snuff…

Here’s a WIP video to get a better look at the game:

For more info on Red Awakening follow the developer on twitter or visit their website.



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