Our overall verdict "silver"

It would be really easy to throw in a load of cheese related expressions when reviewing MouseCraft, but I don’t want to deter from the fact that there is a seriously clever game underneath the game’s cat and mouse exterior.


The premise is simple, at first glance at least. Your aim is to get three mice to a piece of cheese. There are Anima Shards to collect, which will allow Schrodinger to continue his experiment. You only need to get one mice to the finish line, but to get a Perfect rating you’ll need to get all the mice and collect all the Anima Shards. There are 80 levels in total, but it gets complicated as early as Level 20. Throughout the levels, you will collect Brick bombs, use TNT blocks, crumbling blocks and sometimes just move a standard block to prevent your mice from drowning, getting electrocuted or getting blown up. Not to mention Ratoids, an experiment gone wrong. These mechanical mice will kill your mice on impact.

To get a 100% completion on your trophy count, you’ll have to get a Perfect rating on every single level…yikes. That being said, the game is a superb puzzler which looks and plays like the intelligent conundrum that it is.

You may scratch your head deciphering the game’s many puzzles, but you shouldn’t when deciding to buy MouseCraft. In that respect, owning MouseCraft on your PS4 is a no brainer. Excellent stuff.  Punk rating: 8/10

S_M_Punk is really an all rounder. A powerful cocktail of fighting, platforming, FIFA and tag teaming sees Punk hold valuable gaming knowledge across the board. Complete with his love of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, comics and slash horror games, Punk is a unique gamer who sounds about 15, but is actually 30.