Here is a summary of the progress made to date regarding Jon Hare’s Sociable Soccer the new football title for Playstation 4 on Kickstarter.

“Sociable Soccer’s gameplay is getting crisper by the day and we have been busy fleshing out the details of game modes and teams. The game will have many game modes” Jon Hare.

The three main ways of playing the game are Single Player Mode, Classic Local Multiplayer (2 – 8 players) and Online Multiplayer.

The competitions for both single player and local multiplayer feature player and AI teams include the following competitions:- a Friendly match Series, Leagues from England x 4, Spain x 2, Italy x 2, Germany x 2, France, Netherlands & Scotland, plus numerous international club & national team tournaments. There will also be the opportunity to make your own DIY Cups, Leagues and Tournaments for up to 24 teams on one machine.
When a player first load up Sociable Soccer it will ask him for his name, nationality and favourite team, then ask him to create a 3D player avatar in his own likeness and choose a clan to join (clans like “Surfboarders”, “Biology Students” or “Angry Old Men”) By doing this the player join three different online teams instantly. ie England (Nation), Liverpool (Club) and Angry Old Men (Clan). Whenever online the player will be given a selection of instantly available online ladder league matches, not in a lobbying system, but via a match making system based on the teams played for and opponents available. Top players will see their player avatars called up to play for their club or country alongside their real life sporting heroes. Weekly promotion and relegation and special tournaments by invitation only will also feature.

Sociable Soccer is one of the most supported video games on kickstarter right now, however we are still quite a long way off of our target with 24 days to go. So if you have any desire to want to play the beautiful game the sociable way please visit and pledge at the Sociable Soccer page on kickstarter here.