“If your enemy is right inside your mind, how could you possibly escape?”  With a game tag line like that, how could we possibly not be interested in this one.

In Mindtaker you need to discover the supernatural origin of a terrible killing and unravel the mystery surrounding it. With photorealistic graphics and wide open spaces to explore and discover, Mindtaker looks like a compelling first person experience.

Mindtaker is the newest and most ambitious project from Spanish developers, Relevo. It’s a exploration puzzle game that comes with an intriguing story with unexpected twists. The developers say that from the very beginning of the game, and throughout the development of the plot tension, uncertainty and claustrophobia are constantly increasing until the game reaches the final outcome. 

The game is also coming to PS VR, and the developers have been hosting private sessions of the game to the public over the last few weeks.

We hope to bring you more news on Mindtaker soon.

One to keep on your radar? Definitely!