Our overall verdict "bronze"

Mind Zero is the latest RPG dungeon crawler to sneak up quietly upon on the PS Vita. Acquire and ZeroDiv bring a game that delves into the realms of the paranormal and a dark and twisted tale of MINDS, parallel worlds and Inner and Outer Realms. It’s very rare that I’ve turned off a game even before getting to the gameplay, as Mind Zero whacks out an intro of brilliant pure power pop that just has to be heard again. One of those that sticks in your skull and bounces about lingering in your consciousness for days. Epic.

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A slow and moody start opens you up to your cast of high school teenagers. You find yourself stumbling into a strange alternative world where MINDS create chaos and macabre murders. Along with help from a friendly assertive detective your team needs to investigate and stop the evil from entering our world without the police government getting wind of you knowing. A mysterious offering is made to your crew where choosing a secret weapon that represents each of your personalities is made.

Mind Zero gives an equal portion of novel and first person dungeon crawler. All text and screens are wonderfully drawn and look sharp. Also, there is no stereotypically moulded female art on show which makes a welcome change to other JRPG’s out there. There is a fair amount of endless text and off topic rants that dissipate into nothing early on, and you certainly get to know who’s who, who thinks highly of who and also other tit bits of information that really is not precious at all.

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It’s not for a good while until you’re entering your first dungeon that the turn bases battles start. The dungeons themselves are maze like blocks with different levels and it’s here that battling with MINDS takes place. Visually, strolling through corridors and outside walkways all look slightly dull and less impressive as the novel experience. This said, the feel and atmosphere Mind Zero creates fires out a haunting and compelling time. The excellent audio does a fantastic job of breaking up the game into two sections. Turning corners and being thrown into a 3 on 3 brawls never get stale. It’s a mixed bag of enemies too, all equally as strange as the last bunch you encountered. Satisfying blows and defence combat skills make for a decent brawl. There are mind points, life points, and technical points which all need to be monitored, lose these and you lose a team member. Summoning your MIND creates a longer prolonged attack and is a very useful tool indeed. In between the dungeon crawling there are side missions to jump into. Here travelling between maps and shops/convenience stores add more interest even if the tasks in hand may seem slightly trivial. If the story was not enough to grab you by the neck, Mind Zero’s voice acting is excellent and further gives you an excuse to become engrossed that bit more.

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CONCLUSION Mind Zero does a damn fine job of exposing you to a different world you wish you never had visited. A confident role playing mind game with a smouldering start.

Lizard rating 7.5/10

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