Our overall verdict "bronze"

If you’ve been getting antsy about needing a new PS4 game, then Xibalba’s MilitAnt might be the one for you. So, do creepy crawlers and guns mix? Let’s insect, sorry inspect this further…


Set in a world controlled by insects, you star as a solitary ant (they should have called him Anthony in my opinion) who must defend his home colony from an invasion of the bug nation. But the story here is not the main event, the emphasis is on the gameplay. MilitAnt gives a nod of the antlers to old school, side scrolling shooters with simple platforming thrown in, but looks wise is very much living in the present. There are a ludicrous amount of bugs in your path across the 8 locations, and they keep coming and coming. The good news is you can get loaded up with a 4 slot weapon arsenal to kick ass with. You can of course melee with your knives, but the real fun is shooting. Shotgun, Minigun, Flame thrower, Rocket launcher – the choice is yours. Just be sure to not let your weapon overheat. To avoid this, simply swap to one of your other weapons. It’s an interesting restriction that forces you to diversify instead of just rinsing and repeating with the same weapon. If on the ground, you can just fire straight forward. But for enemies swinging above, or boss fights, you’ll need to use the lock on feature. This is done by using the R3 button on the stick, which does take getting use to. And you’ll get your insect behind kicked, even on the first boss fight it took me multiple attempts to take that sucker down – you are the size of an ant after all. And simply avoiding fire is tricky too. Make mo mistake, they come thick and fast so you’ll have to move around with ants in your pants. Maybe literally. Luckily you can level up by beating all those pesky insects and collect gems along the way too, giving you a better chance of survival.


As mentioned earlier, MilitAnt can be hard. Enemies can spawn out of nowhere, like an ant infestation round a cake on a summers day. Not only that, but as also mentioned before, the locking on aiming system is selective in its effectiveness – mostly because it can be a little temperamental. You will die at times due to this, and not necessarily because of your own skill, which can be frustrating. The good news is that when you start the game you can either choose Ranked or Unranked. Unless you’re a glutton for punishment, hit Unranked. This will give you unlimited lives, as opposed to Ranked, where you have limited lives. But despite its difficulty, MilitAnt is a fairly decent shooter with a pretty cool premise. Who knows, maybe they’ll do sequels. They could call the box set Anthology. The soundtrack could be Adam and the Ants. Ok I’m done.

Frustrating at times, fun at others, MilitAnt is a fairly decent shooter that may well be worth taking up residence in your colony of PS4 games.

Punk rating: 7/10


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