Radius is a video games festival held in Central London on 19 – 21st of June. The free to attend indie festival will boast over 55 playable games across three days. The highlight this year will be Mike Bithell, the developer of award-winning indie hit, Thomas Was Alone, who will be showcasing Volume at the Exhibition. Volume shall be coming to both PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.


The exhibition will also host around 20 different playable titles each day, from developers all over the world, including Tango Fiesta, 0rbitalis, Tap Happy Sabbotage, Timmy Bibble’s Friendship Club, Beyond Gravity, Mighty Tactical Shooter, In Space We Brawl, A Light in Chorus, Fossil Echo, The Kraken Sleepeth, and The Marvellous Miss Take.

“The creative variety and diversity of the games is amazing”, says co-founder and organiser Georg Backer, “and highlights that Radius is for everyone, from the one person developer to the established studio and to gamers and general public who are curious about games.”

“Radius is a celebration of game design and of the vibrancy of this wonderful industry,” adds co-organiser Keith Stuart. “We set it up in the wake of the major event E3 video games exhibition in Los Angeles, to give gamers a chance to experience and celebrate games amid a period of excitement and hype for the games business.”

Radius is for everyone, for people who love games, who are curious about the industry and who want to know more about developers and trends.

Radius is happening at White Space Venue, 5 Great Newport Street, London. Also a live stream show will be produced by Magdoos Media & ArabicGamers.