A new version of the popular PS Vita title by Dutch developer, Digital Dreams comes with new features, levels and challenges. In 2014, the infographic world of Metrico was released exclusively for PS Vita and was part of the PlayStation Plus lineup at its launch. Like its predecessor, Metrico+ features unique worlds to explore with distinct challenges, mechanics, looks and sounds; however new worlds and features have been added to replace the worlds reliant on PS Vita exclusive features.

The game features lots of new content and the visuals have been completely revamped for the PS4. Instead of the worlds that use Vita hardware features, there are completely new unique worlds to explore with new mechanics and puzzles for the player to solve.

 METRICO+ will release on the 23rd of August for $13,99 / €13,99. Owners of the original Metrico for PS Vita can buy Metrico+ with a 50% discount.(This discount also applies if you were to buy Metrico on Vita right now, as long as you do so before getting Metrico+).