Publisher SOEDESCO is adding a new Switch title to its lineup. The first person story adventure N.E.R.O.: Nothing Ever Remains Obscure, created by Italian developer Storm in a Teacup, is coming to Nintendo Switch both digitally and boxed next year. The title was expected to release this month.

A touching tale of love and loss
N.E.R.O. is a game that explores universal themes such as love, loss and family. Destructoid applauds N.E.R.O. as ‘a hallmark of excellence’, describing: ‘’it’s undoubtedly a story of love and loss, grief and guilt, companionship and family, and coping when the world is so goddamn unfair. (…) You’ll just know that you felt something, and that sensation alone is worth the journey.’’

Enter a world of incredible beauty
In N.E.R.O., players assume the role of a little boy, wandering through a mysterious dreamlike world as the touching story of his family unravels. The game varies between exploring phosphorescent environments and solving interactive puzzles, which results in a fascinating journey.

● Experience bittersweet emotions, unraveling a touching story
● Wander through a magical world of incredible beauty
● Solve puzzles and decipher bewildering mysteries
● Be enchanted by a superb soundtrack and a deep narrating voice

N.E.R.O. Nothing Ever Remains Obscure now comes to Switch in 2019.