Spark Plug Games bring MechRunner, a blistering high-speed mech battling action game to PlayStation 4 and PS Vita this summer

MechRunner casts you as a powerful mode-changing mech. Blast your way through decimated urban landscapes at incredible speeds while switching between robot and tank modes to rain punishment on endless waves of mechanical foes. MechRunner features exciting, non-stop action, stunning 3D visuals and a Hollywood-style soundtrack.

Other features of the game include:
● Switch between mech and tank modes on-the-fly
● Slice & dice enemy units with your sword
● Rescue civilians for extra points and awards
● Access an extensive arsenal of weapons, customizations, and power-ups
● Unique environments that blend seamlessly together
● Numerous enemy types each with different tactics (and weaknesses)
● Epic boss battles
● A dynamically shifting environment offers unexpected obstacles, cover and danger
● Unlockable skins, upgrades, and achievements
Check out the MechRunner PS4 trailer:

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