ENP Games has officially announced its first console game, Mecha Storm. The game will launch on Nintendo Switch in Europe and the Americas on May 25th costing $19.99.

In full 3D graphics, Mecha Storm is an action-packed third-person RPG that invites players to strap into large mech units and battle it out in mech vs mech combat. Players will have to strategically utilize different mech types and upgrades to claim victory in over 50 fast-paced battles that take place on alien worlds. Players get to customize their teams, and swap in and out their mech units during battle to defeat the enemy and save the galaxy.

Key Features:

•Exclusive to the Nintendo Switch
•Real-time 3rd person 3D mech vs mech combat
•Beautiful battle arenas taking place on alien worlds and futuristic cities
•Upgradable mech units
•Close-combat, Mid-range, and Long-range action