Byte4Games and StarCruiser Studio celebrate the return of the bullet-hell shooter genre with the launch of Mars Chaos Menace. Clearly inspired by genre classics such as EspRaDe, DoDonPachi or Ikaruga, Mars Chaos Menace mixes the classic approach of the arcade shooter genre with a 3D graphics environment with all kinds of visual effects.

If you love to dodge bullets by millimeters, face giant final bosses, use your shields in the last millisecond to avoid being destroyed and unleash special attacks capable of sweeping all enemies on screen, Mars Chaos Menace is your game.

Main features:
•Neat aesthetics and design that you will be delighted with.
•Great variety of unique environments to be discovered in the missions.
•Impressive enemies that will make you suffer and excel your skills.
•Several different enemies with a unique behavior.
•Action and challenge guaranteed for arcade shooter lovers.

Mars Chaos Menace is now available exclusively in digital format on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.