Major Rocks is a retro arcade space shooter being developed by Super Good Pixel.

In Major Rocks you take control of the SGP-STARFIGHTER and your mission is to make the galaxy safe for the rest of us. Unfortunately various sectors are under attack and it’s up to you to fight this attack off. Front lines have been flooded with Mines and Drones.


You have to clear these threats out so the forces may advance. Once you have cleared the way, it’s up to you to lead the attack on the enemy strongholds. The game will have 60 levels of non-stop arcade action. Super Good Pixel are trying to make each level a bit different and keep upping the challenge as the game progresses.

Check out the latest video below showing off what to expect:

The developers have high hopes for the project and have two additional games in the series designed and planned out.

If funded, and we really hope so, Super Good Pixel will plan to bring a version to PlayStation 4. For more info about the Major Rocks Kickstarter head here.



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