MagNets is a fast-paced bot-collection action game by indie development company Total Monkery, and is coming to PlayStation 4, PS Vita and PC.

Here’s a bit about what to expect in MagNets.

Life in Polarity City is – well, mostly non-organic. With nothing but robots left in the world, following some very out-of-date programming, residents of the City are obsessed with preserving the Polarity City Park. This is the very last place in which plant life grows, along with the precious – and adorable – little “MagnetPets” that feed on it.


As Park Ranger in Polarity City, the City’s Master Analysis and Organisation Robot (MAyOR) has programmed you with the honourable – if boring – task of maintaining the mindless maintenance “Bloxbots” in the park. If any of them go wrong (and they often do), you need to scoop them up in your electromagnetic net, or “MagNet”, short-circuit them and clean up their mess. Take their scrap metal to the “Recycletron” and get just what you need in return. But something is very wrong… why are so many bots malfunctioning? Why are they so set on destruction? And where in the world have all the cute little Magnetpets gone?Someone needs to be looking into this… someone like you.


Capture bots!
Deploying a MagNet is a bit like stretching out an elastic band; drop one end (which remains where it is) and when you move you form an area of MagNeticity. Any bots caught inside are going to get zapped. Some Bloxbots have propellers, some can jump,
some can hide themselves, some have “maintenance lasers”… and some are even positively or negatively charged. If not kept in check, these polarised bots might be attracted to polarised parts of the City… and that’s not going to be good. Still, Polarity Park Ranger is not usually a hard job. Until today…

Here is some Pre-Alpha footage of the game, think you’ll agree it’s looking pretty good!

MagNets has 20+ levels spread over 4 unique zones, as well as challenge modes and multiplayer mayhem! Once Total Monkery get the approval from Sony that game shall be heading to PS4 and PS Vita.

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