Today Aaero is re-released on PS4 including numerous new features and improvements. Originally released on April 11th 2017 to rave reviews, Aaero synergizes high-speed sci-fi shooting action with immersive music elements to deliver an amazing audio-visual experience. Driven by an incredible licensed soundtrack from Noisia, Flux Pavilion, Katy B, The Prototypes, and Neosignal, Aaero is something special.

Not played Aaero yet? Then prepare to give those subwoofers a serious workout along with your senses. Here’s our review if you missed it first time around.


I can’t remember the last time I stopped playing a game after the first two minutes to text my buddy about how mind blowing it is. Aaero is that game and comes from another planet. It’s an ultra-fast rail music shooter that takes you down claustrophobic tunnels and then spits you out into vast open spaces of desert land. The contrast is epic. But even more epic, Aaero has the most infectious playlist of tunes to accompany you on your journey. Prepare to give those subwoofers a serious workout along with your senses. Welcome to Aaero.

Aaero is about riding lines of light that burst out of neon-tinged tunnels. These ribbons of light tease you as they duck and drive, twist and turn. Keeping your craft glued to the ribbons keeps the music flowing, increases your score and saves your bacon. The play area is circular and the ribbons are always around the edge of the screen. The beauty of this music game is, unlike Guitar Hero and Amplitude, there is no hitting anything to the beat. You don’t need a shred of musical talent and because of this Aaero opens itself up to a much wider audience.

The left stick controls your small craft in a clockwise and anti clockwise direction, and these controls are super sensitive. You can hurl your craft from one side of the screen to another in a second. It’s a nimble mover, and it has to be. These tunnels present a testing path to follow and the outside world with its beautiful barren landscapes are just as intense.

Aaero quickly reveals its next mechanic and that’s the use of the right stick to lock onto enemies. A hit on the R2 trigger releases your firepower and destroys the targeted objects. You can select up to eight targets in one go and give them a good multiple hiding with one quick blast. These flying menaces swarm in front and around you and generally get up your nose. If you take them down to the beat of the music then your score increases. Sound easy? Remember you still need one eye on riding the ribbons of light, which makes Aaero a deceptively hard fight.

Earning stars unlocks levels, plus some scary boss battles to worry about. Every fourth level you’ll encounter a new boss. Did I just enter a slug from behind? Think I did. The twisting tunnels I was racing through have now taken a drastically different form. Looking like something out of Tremors, these huge creatures take a lot of damage to destroy. Levels can last a while, and only having three shields and three chances to succeed can be seen as cruel. It’s a game that demands time and patience to succeed. The creators are well aware of this and have given us Chillout mode. Here you can hone your skills and play every level with infinite lives and enjoy a stress free run. Earning the game’s Platinum, 56 trophies and hitting the online leaderboards needs to be played in either Normal, Advanced and Master modes though.

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