Luckslinger is a hip hop infused spaghetti western action platformer with a lucky twist.

In Luckslinger, luck is measurable, changeable and has an impact on the game world. The amount of luck the player has changes how to gameworld acts around him. Luckslinger will also feature gun kickback, manual reload and a duck sidekick that will help the player at times. These elements are implemented to give the player a challenging action platformer that provides different experiences with several plays. Duckbridge wants to make sure they make a game that ensures the player has a sense of hope to survive/complete a level. – A game that surprises even the core gamers.


– An unique Luck mechanic where luck is measurable, changeable and has an impact on the game world.
– Unique levels with unique bosses.
– Music to pleasure your eardrums.
– Local Multiplayer modes.
– Cinematic pixel art.

I’ve had the pleasure to interview the guys at Duckbridge about their studio and Luckslinger.

Can you tell us something about Duckbridge?

It was 2010, a Sunday morning/night around 03:30 in a game of league of legends when and where we first met. Marciano and his team were getting their asses kicked by Donald and his team and light flaming banter was included. After the painful defeat for Marciano, Donald decided to invite him to another game, to be on each other’s team this time around. From there on we started talking and playing LoL together, becoming friends in the process.

While one studied game design and the other game development we decided to make games together for a while. This was done as a learning experience and basically just for fun. We made 1 game a month for some time (and part time) and we both felt we could make way better and bigger games if we had more time.

In May 2014 Duckbridge was founded. We had saved our best and most beloved game concept just in case we would ever go full time, and so we started development for Luckslinger.

What’s your proudest feature or what excites you the most about the game?

At the beginning of development we were most proud of the luck mechanic. We had both never seen it before in other games and had to wildest ideas surrounding it. While we still believe it is a cool and unique feature in Luckslinger we realised it wasn’t necessarily the part we were most proud of. That turned out to be the feeling of the gun kicking back combined with reloading. It just feels great to empty your revolver as fast as you can, finding the right moment to reload some bullets in the chamber and do it again.

What excites us the most is the atmosphere of the instrumental/western hip hop beats while shooting enemies and dodging everything the game throws at you. You will feel yourself like a real renegade gunslinger.

liv 1

What inspired you the most to make this game?

We started development only with the concept of luck being measurable and changeable. So in a way this was what inspired us most. But we got truly excited when we decided to combine spaghetti western and hip hop for the setting and vibe of the game. With this we had our focus and undeletable source. Both being fans of both of course.

Can we expect the PS4/Vita version soon after the initial release?

We hope so! Duckbridge is still a bit new to the game development world so we don’t have the connections, reputation or trust from the big boys quite yet. We contacted Sony and are in the process of becoming a licensed Sony Developer. This is really our only bump in the road to a PS4/Vita launch.

liv 2

Is there anything else you would like to add?

We feel like there are many people out there that have the wrong image of hip hop. It’s not always about rap, being cool, money and women. If you look a bit deeper into the genre you will find songs with meaning, depth and poetic lyrics. Luckslinger contains mostly instrumental hip hop that is all about kickass drums and jazzy sounds, so please don’t be afraid even if you are not a fan of the genre. We hope to change your mind.

For the producers out there! Duckbridge is still looking for bonus tracks. If you are a music producer/composer (or know someone that is) and you want to have your song in our game just for kicks and free promotion, please contact us. We know there are a lot of artists struggling to get their name out, even though they make great quality stuff.

Many thanks to Donald and Marciano for taking time out to talk with me about Luckslinger. Follow the guys on twitter and facebook or visit their website for more info about Luckslinger.