Our overall verdict "silver"

Music and gaming are two of my biggest passions, so when news of Loud on Planet X dropped I was beyond excited. And reading through the list of artists, I was even more pumped. Tegan and Sara? Lights? Fucked Up? Yes please. I was just praying the gameplay matched up to the soundtrack. Mic check, 1 2….


Here’s the deal, imagine you’re playing a gig. Suddenly you see some scary looking creatures heading your way. No you’re not playing on a Saturday night in Camden, those creatures are actually aliens. Some have one eye, some have four. How many eyes they have determines how many times you have to hit them in order to take them out. It’s your job to stop the aliens reaching the stage. The set up is almost like a bowling alley. You have 4 lanes, and each button is allocated to that stage. You fire out of your speakers, but this will only work if you tap in time with the beat. If you’re not the best at multitasking, you have various things you can wheel out to slow the aliens down. Strobe lights will temporarily blind your enemies, fog lights will slow them down or you can even position bouncers in a lane to break the news that if you’re not on the list, you’re not getting in. In addition to these you have a big LOUD symbol at the top of the screen which slowly fills during the level. Once it’s full, you can trigger an attack which wipes the whole screen clear of enemies. Picking when to use this is crucial.

LOUD on Planet X_20160421205737

The campaign is 28 levels (2 for each artist), and then a boss fight with a musical megamix mothership. Whilst the premise is simple, Loud on Planet X is just a complete delight. The art style is gorgeous, the gameplay is fun (and certainly challenging if you’re playing on hard) and the soundtrack is the most perfect encore you could ever hope for. Seriously, I debated giving it 10/10 based on Fucked Up’s “Queen of Hearts” alone. Loud on Planet X also doesn’t outstay its welcome. You’ll have the campaign wrapped up in 2 to 3 hours, and then a couple more if you’re going for 100% on trophies. And for the price of £5.79 (or £5.21 if you’re a PS Plus subscriber), Loud on Planet X is a gig to remember.

Charming, fun and with a killer soundtrack to match, Loud on Planet X hits all the right notes.

Punk rating: 8.5/10


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