Little Red Lie is an interactive fiction experience that riffs off of the classic ‘nine-verb’ adventure game format by allowing players a single mode of interaction with the world around them: LIE.

Lying is also presented throughout the game in the form of red text whenever something is spoken in the actuality or spirit of dishonesty – parsing these deceptions is a significant aspect of what engages the player with the story.

The player takes control of two protagonists in alternating and thematically-related stories.

The first character, Sarah Stone, is a representation of contemporary western middle-class fear: Precarious employment, excessive debt, and contending with the intergenerational outcomes between the Baby Boomers and their descendants.

The second character, Arthur Fox, is a representation of the increasingly unaccountable power that the most affluent in our society possess, as well as the relentless pursuit of the financial services industry to acquire wealth with seemingly-little regard for the underlying social fabric it affects.

Best known for his work as the writer and developer of Actual Sunlight, a short interactive story about love, depression and the corporation, Will O’Neill is a writer and developer from Toronto, Ontario.

Little Red Lie is another perfect fit for the handheld and hits PS4 and PS Vita on January 9th.