Our overall verdict "gold"

Playdead‘s puzzle platformer LIMBO gets a PS Vita release, but is it a work of art or style over substance?

The game throws you in head first, but leaves you scratching your head. You are thrown into a gorgeous world of black and white as an anonymous young boy with very little indication as to why you are there. You cautiously move forward and discover your aim is essentially, in simple terms, to not die. At least it is for now. It seems you are searching for something, or someone. To avoid death, the puzzles range from simple to very complicated. It may be by simply jumping over water you could drown in, or making it past huge arachnophobia inducing spiders. The game offers you bizarre, beautiful and challenging conundrums as you move through the stunning world of LIMBO. It really is amazing to look at and Double Eleven have done a stunning job of porting this to the Vita. The reason LIMBO is so instantly endearing is because it lets the dark in. The game is cloaked in wonderful grainy scenes that are truly beautiful, but also goes hand in hand with a slightly ominous feeling. The lack of explanation as to what your aim is takes everything a little left of centre and leaves you feeling in awe but worried at the same time.


You will die so many times in LIMBO. It really is a challenge in places but if you do, the game puts you back very close to where you died. It keeps the game flowing quickly. There is no text so you’re fully immersed in the art. There are chapters but the game doesn’t let you know which chapter you are on so it plays out almost like a silent film. If you’re not able to play the game in one go however (trust me, you won’t want to rush this) you can go into the menu and select your chapter from there.

LIMBO is something that really needs to be seen to be believed. If you’ve never played this, buy it. If you previously played the PS3 version, you will get this as cross buy so won’t have to pay a penny for it. LIMBO is a stunning, adventurous addition to the Vita which, no matter how much it tries to play itself down, can’t hide its genius.

Punk Rating: 9/10

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