Remember that great gaming age? You know, that great gaming age that was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away? I’m talking about the era of space shooters that blew everyone away because of their awesome gameplay! Games like Wing Commander and X-Wing vs TIE Fighter. Did I hear you say yes? Well, I’m the bearer of some awesome news you guys are going to love. I bring you news about Sector 13 by Reactor Interactive!

I’ve had a great conversation with Drew and Ryan from Reactor Interactive about their upcoming multiplayer space combat shooter game Sector 13. Sector 13 will let you relive the glory days of these classic space shooters, but now with high-definition graphics and fast paced first person shooter action.

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Space Combat like you’ve never seen:

“Multiplayer arena-style combat has largely been limited to the first person shooter world upon now. Sector 13 defies that limitation by putting the genre into the starfighter cockpit and blowing it up with a superluminal quantum rail cannon.

Sector 13 is a revolutionary third-person multiplayer space combat game. It’s everything we loved about space game of the past, build with the precision control and facemelting visuals that we expect from the games of today. Terrestrial and interstellar environments are densely populated with space stations, asteroid fields, shipyards with under-construction capital star cruisers and the flaming wreckage of your fallen enemies. Every starship, from the most nimble fighters to the kilometers-long capital destroyers are immaculately detailed and britling with a warlord’s bounty of firepower”.

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– Choose from over 30 starfighters.

– Five different military factions, each deploying unique starfighters, weapons and advanced tech.

– Dogfight among the stars in a variety of game modes.

– Fly solo in a dogfight to the death.

– Dominate the battlespace as part of a team in Capture-the-Flag.

– Work together as a squadron and bring down the enemy’s largest capital ships.

– Experience a adrenaline fueled zero-G ride trough the cosmos.

– Climb the killboards in pursuit of glory as the hottest pilot in the galaxy.

– Customize ships with several hardpoint weapons.

– Dodge the deadly turrets of massive capital ships.

Check out this amazing (pre-alpha) gameplay video for a closer look at Sector 13:

I’ve also had the pleasure to do a Q&A with Andrew and Ryan from Reactor Interactive.

Can you tell us something about Reactor Interactive?

Reactor Interactive is an diverse group of die-hard space combat video game fans who dedicate all of their free time building galaxies. Originally the college dream of Drew and I, Sector 13 began taking shape as we invited volunteer developers to dream with us, eventually including team members from all over North America and Europe, ranging in ages from their 20’s to their 60’s, and who hold day jobs in fields as diverse as engineering, medicine, military and religion.

What’s your proudest feature or what excites you the most about the game?

We are proudest of our roster of starfighters, who are the “characters” of our game. We have 32 playable starfighters that exemplify a design philosophy similar to fighting games, where all the starfighters are balanced with each other and bring their own personality to the multiplayer experience. No starfighter is “better” than another – just different. We want players to fall in love with both the aesthetics of a particular fighter as well as its specific performance characteristics and combat role, the same way players fall in love with the particular fighting style of a Street Fighter or Tekken character.

Secondly, our game is first and foremost a multiplayer action game. This is the first space combat game that plays like a competitive first-person shooter, borrowing many of the most popular game modes of the genre and putting them into the unique environments found only in the deepest recesses of the cosmos. And this is not the empty, barren, deep-space sim of yesteryear. Arenas in Sector 13 are densely packed with everything from asteroid fields, space stations and massive shipyards to kilometers-long capital ships and strip-mined moons.

What inspired you the most to make this game?

Our most favorite games growing up were the Wing Commanders and X-Wings and Freespaces of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. We have dreamed of what games like these could be using modern technology and the lessons learned since the last time a big hit was released in this under-serviced genre. Our artistic influences are probably pretty obvious – we love the relatable look and real-world style of Macross, Robotech, Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica. We just want to live in these worlds, marvel at their beauty of their space ships, and then blow them up.

Can we expect the PS4 version soon after the initial release?

It will be a dream come true to bring Sector 13 to PS4. However, as an indie team with no money, we are targeting PC, Mac and Linux for our initial release. From a technological standpoint, because we are building the game in Unity 3D, we will be able to port the game to PS4 relatively easily, and will do so as soon as we have secured enough funding to do so.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

This is a game for fans of Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, Macross, space shooters, first-person shooters or even old-school shoot-’em-ups. Sector 13 is currently in the pre-alpha stage of development, and everything you’ve seen so far has been built by a small team with no funding. We will be doing a Kickstarter soon so we can finish the game and bring it to PS4 and Xbox One. If you or anyone else at would like to join us any Thursday night as a guest at one of our weekly Developer Deathmatch sessions, we would love to have you and get your first-hand reaction to the game.

We would like to thank Drew and Ryan for their time to talk with us about Sector 13!

Sector 13 is planned to come to PC,MAC and eventually PS4 and XboxOne. We are very excited to see more about this game in the future and we will keep you updated about any news on Sector 13, in the mean while check out their website and sign up for one of the weekly developers deathmatch sessions. You can follow Sector 13 on twitter as well and tell’ em Punk and Lizard sent you!


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