Warner Bros have confirmed the release of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes later this year. This is exciting for me, I’m a huge Marvel and Avengers fan, and as for LEGO, I was all over that when I was like 3. I was building all sorts of stuff, just chillin in the crib with the homies. Well that and wetting myself. Anyway the information we have so far is that the game is developed by TT Games, and it’s coming to the mighty PS Vita. It will also feature on PS3, Xbox360, WiiU, PC, DS and 3DS. There will be over 100 characters from Stan Lee’s brilliant Marvel Universe, including The Avengers, the X-Men, Spider-Man and more.

Storyline wise Nick Fury will be calling out heroes to fight against Loki and all the other villains you’d expect. There is no confirmed release date but we’ve been told to expect LEGO Marvel Super Heroes around Autumn time.

TQ Jefferson, the Vice president of games production at Marvel Entertainment said: “Fans of both Lego and Marvel have wanted this game for years, and we’re addressing that demand with more Marvel Universe characters than ever in a console game.”

This is one of the 2013 releases that I’m really excited for. HULK SMASH!!