Kuria is an underwater 3D Puzzleworld game which challenges the player to make their way through a series of pipes.

Team Insert Imagination’s Kuria is part of the Dare to be digital challenge where students get the opportunity to develop a prototype game within 9 weeks with support from industry professionals. Robin from Insert Imagination shared some details with me about their upcoming PS Vita game Kuria.

Kuria is set in the world beneath your bath plug-hole, and features two bath-toys as main characters; Scuba Stan and Squish the Starfish. Squish decides that he’d quite fancy a treasure chest of his own, and snatches the chest as the plughole is pulled from the bath, sucking them both down the plug-hole to the curious world beyond.


Kuria is a 3D physics puzzle game which utilises the unique controls of the Sony PlayStation Vita. Kuria transports the player to an underwater puzzle world, challenging them to manipulate the world using both the front touch screen and back touch-plate of the PlayStation Vita.

The Vita, having two touch-inputs, as well as the controls of a console-controller, allowed a lot of freedom when designing the player’s game- experience. The back touch pad is used to open valves and other interactive objects in the scenes. From play-testing and advice from mentors, the team changed their original world-turning controls from the back touch-pad to the front, allowing for a more active and malleable feel to the world-rotation in-game. The player navigates the maze of pipes in all three dimensions to reclaim lost coins for the bath-toy which has been lost down a plughole.


Appealing to ages of 9 and up, Kuria will challenge and delight players. We hope that Kuria will test players to reason in 3D, drawing on the cognitive thinking encouraged in children as they learn about geometry and the nets of 3D shapes.

We shall bring you more news on Kuria as we get it, in the meantime you can follow Insert Imagination on twitter to track their progress, and tell’em Punk and Lizard send you!

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