Our overall verdict "bronze"

As we know, rabbits can multiply faster than Carol Vorderman, but here on Kung Fu Rabbit, it’s all about one martial art rabbit.

Kung Fu Rabbit is a simplistic 2D platformer with a real endearing charm. The aim is to collect carrots dotted around the screen and if you can find them, a larger one. Once collected, you then need to reach the captured rabbit at the end and free him. You don’t need to collect all the carrots but doing so will help you later. The game has sixty levels with added extra ones which unlock later on.  Jump and double jump give the X face button a heavy workout and will leave an X inprint on your thumb. Never have you pressed this button so hard before and for so long. Precise timing is the key to opening new levels, hopping and bouncing off walls Spiderman style is required. Obstacles and a black tar like liquid bring Kung Fu Rabbit to an early grave, so avoid.


Now this really is a trial by death platformer. Once you learn the correct way, it’s just a matter of re-doing the level without dying. When you do die, starting at the beginning of each level is a little frustrating, but luckily your rabbit can display special powers. During the game, options can be purchased that will greatly make your time with Kung Fu Rabbit even more fun. Gaining the power to start at checkpoints you have chosen instantly takes away the grind of having to tip toe around, with the fear of death in the back of your mind. However use your added powers wisely as they don’t last forever.

The beautiful art style on show is gorgeous. Each new level looks like they have been painted by hand and this is what makes this game stand out. The music in places gives a Thomas Was Alone type feel, again so fitting for the game.


The first levels and trophies are super easy. You’ll have 38% of the trophies in no time. At first you may think the game is a push over as your big eared rabbit jumps and nibbles its way through each level. Slowly more skill is needed to progress and here is when putting the game down becomes tricky too. The need to complete and move forward engulfs you and you are left thinking how can this simple cartoon rabbit game beat me?

The trophies on offer are 13 bronze and 2 silver. It would have been nice to have seen a gold trophy in here, as many of the cheaper lower budget games all have these.

Neko Entertainment’s Kung Fu Rabbit is a chilled out endering game that keeps you interested. Need some time out from Hotline Miami? Then here’s your welcome break.


Lizard rating 7-10


Neko Entertainment

Released 3rd July E.U

Released 16th July N/A