KickBeat will release for PS Vita and PS3 on September 11th in Europe and supports Cross-Buy.

KickBeat Never Ends! How to Make Your Own KickBeat Tracks

Mel from Zen Studios tells us all the news, “The studio spent the better part of 2 years developing the KickBeat track generator tools, focusing on ease of use for the player, thus providing endless replay value to the game. Yes, we give you 18 licensed tracks in the single player campaign, but we thought that many of you would love to experiment with your own music and make your own KickBeat levels.

The process of creating your own KickBeat tracks is quite simple and we do 99% of
the work for you. We made a nice little video outlining the process of using your
own music to make KickBeat tracks, which can be linked from the Zen Studios YouTubeChannel, or downloaded from the Zen Studios Press Center.

There are four simple steps to creating your own KickBeat Track:

Select a track from your music library on your PS Vita or PlayStation 3.
Find the rhythm by tapping the Triangle button along to the beat of the track.
Once you find the beat, continue tapping the Triangle button to set the beat.
The Track Generator will check the rhythm to ensure the beat is correct.

Once these steps are finished, a custom track will be generated using the selected

We have been experimenting with many different kinds of music, ranging from
classical to rap, dubstep and even metal. It’s really fun to see what kind of fight
you end up with. If you really want to beat your enemies to the latest Beiber track,
well, you can do that in the privacy of your own screen.

Best of all, the game will be Cross Buy, so buy it once and enjoy it on both screens at no additional charge.”

If you are hearing about KickBeat for the first time, we welcome you to check out a few of Zen’s previous blog posts and trailers.

And now, in the spirit of awesomely cheesy kung fu movies, check out this kick ass trailer:

We’ll let you know more as soon as we get it!