A few weeks ago Lizard posted about Jamit Games and Curve Digital’s upcoming bonkers local multiplayer party game Jump Stars which is making its way to PlayStation 4 this summer. Thanks to powers that be I’ve spent the weekend playing it with friends and family so I bring to you an exclusive hands-on preview.

Jump Stars is a collection of mini-games that aims to bring the fun back to the couch by combining local co-operative and competitive gameplay in the same single screen. It does this by letting two to four players enter a tournament, made up of four mini-games, and making them work together to achieve a score high enough to enter the Gauntlet.

The mini-games themselves are varied; we found ourselves jumping around the screen eating pies, jumping over swinging arms, playing pass the parcel with TNT, scrambling frantically up the screen to avoid impending death from below and more. As for the Gauntlet, it’s a side-scrolling-winner-takes-all race to the right where players must avoid traps and try to outrun their opponents to be the winner. All of these mini-games and the Gauntlet are simple to play with clear on-screen instructions and responsive controls, so it’s a game that anyone can play.

Both the visuals and audio in Jump Stars are already pretty tight so it will be interesting to see what tweaks the devs make between now and its release. The screen does get a little hectic when there are three and four people playing but you can still clearly see and keep track of your character. If you’ve watched the trailer (above) and like how the host switches from suave game-show voice to a maniacal Joker-esque style you’ll be pleased to know that he does this in the game when you are working together and doing well.

There’s a fine line between teamwork and backstabbery, and this summer Jump Stars will definitely take you to the very edge of that line.