Have you ever wondered where the amazing wacky and wonderful voiceovers come from when playing Sleeping Dogs, Drawslasher and Little Big Planet, to name just a few? Well so have we, so we tracked down the man of a million voices Guy Harris to tell us what it’s like to be one of the UK’s leading voiceover guys. From gaming to BBC’s Wimbledon Final tennis match up, Guy Harris has done the lot.

How did you get into doing voiceovers?

I was and am also a radio presenter. I chose to just do one day a week now as my
voice work takes up all my time. I have always made up voices or imitated
celebrities when younger and this played a part in my radio shows. Then one day I
said to myself “I should try and make some money out of this”, So I got my self on
the internet, got a website running and the rest is history I guess. I love it. On
a daily basis it is possible to book over 20 jobs a day.

Which PS Vita games can we hear you on?

Certainly Drawslasher, Little Big Planet I have a small roll in there. Often I
voice characters for games and they start out as Apps and then go on to other
platforms. So I’m sure there are more on PS Vita that I’m not aware of 🙂


Which other video games have you worked on, including iOS games?

You’d hear me in Sleeping Dogs, Harry Potter Lego, I do like the App Mafia Rush of
which I am play the lead Gangster Don Macoroni. The 1st Anomoly Warzone Earth game
by 11Bit Studios which sold really well has myself and a friend Gerry playing the
characters on that. I also have my own simple game on the App Store
calledGuyPhone. It’s just a “collect phones” game. It’s pretty simple concept but
we linked it to the Game Centre and I don’t even have the high score. I work with
SlinkyApps.co.uk and there are now a lot of apps out there with my voice on. Lots
for kids and families too. There are so many apps that I have contributed on but I
have lost count and often I voice them months before release and I forget to watch
for release dates etc. I guess my favourite game has to be WORMS. I play all the
worm characters. The developers are based near to where I live and I dropped a
demo in and have been working with them for a few years now.


When doing a game do the game developers have an idea how a character
should sound, or do they want to hear your ideas as well?

All developers are open to your own interpretation of a character yes. They
usually hire you because of your range and flexibility, however they also have a
background story to a character and details of it’s characteristics which then
helps you come up with a voice for it.

When working on a game, would you normally be asked to do all the voices in the game?

Most of the time yes you might play a main character but they will also ask you to
voice incidental characters that maybe have fewer lines. So you could end up with
several credits on one game. It depends on the size of the Game.

Is a game just about complete when you start doing your voices?

Not at all, a lot of the time the characters will be animated to the voice so
thats why we go in when the script is ready. The animator can then make the
characters expression match the voice. Lip-syncing characters after animation is a
lot more tricky. I provided a lot of out takes for WORMS and when they released
Ultimate Mayhem they had animated a lot of them.

Are there games you’d like to work on?

I would love to provide a voice on a Rockstar Game at some point in my career and
Activision too. They are not far from where I live in the UK. Maybe I need to
go and knock on their door too? ha ha. To be honest though there are loads of
amazing developers coming through and I love the buzz of
working on games, so I’m open to offers from developers looking for extra voices.

Do you have to travel much?

I don’t have to these days thanks to technology. I have a full studio at home and
can connect to clients around the globe easily in seconds, they can direct me and
either take the audio Live from me, or if we are connected by phone or Skype I can
FTP the audio straight after the session. I spent quite a bit of time to make my
studio sound the same high quality as you would expect at any top production
house anywhere else in the world. There is no excuse for your audio sounding poor
or with noise of roads nearby, computer fans running or any noise on the
line. Silence is golden.

What was the most difficult character you have worked on?

Drawslasher was pretty intense. There are so many characters and I worked with the
producers directing me as we went through them all to make sure there was enough
variations. I have to say they were exhausting sessions. Lots of growling and
snarls and multiple takes of each line, however the end result is great to watch
and listen back to.

Out of all the movies and TV work, which is your proudest accomplishment to date?

I have been really lucky to work with lots of Big Brands and also smaller
companies destined for big things. I can count Coca Cola, Apple, BBC, ITV,
Vodafone, RBS, Geico and others as part of my client list now. I think following
the iPhone 5 ads I voiced at the end of 2012 it launched my enquiries in a new
direction. I get asked to provide that natural, chatty, friendly style to lots of
things now. My news feed on my website has recent work.

What can we expect to hear you on in the near future?

Not sure which country you are in but there is hopefully a fun TV commercial
coming up where I play 2 mexican characters. There will be a new Clarks TV ad
which might be run globally for Jack Nano and I was back at Team 17 on another
secret mission this year too so waiting the results of that. Work comes in on a
daily basis and I never know what project I’m going to get involved in next. More
recently, I was asked to contribute my Movie Voice to a promo at Wimbledon this
year which ran just before the big Mens Final for Novak Djocovic.

You can also check out GuyPhone on the App Store here

A real big thanks to Guy for taking the time to speak with us. Go check out his website over at voiceoverguy.co.uk and tell ’em Punk and Lizard sent you.